The guide to successful living : Health, Family, Money, Play - by Obie R. Silverwood Free PDF book

The guide to successful living by Obie R. Silverwood Free PDF book

The guide to successful living

Successful Living is the adequate, consistent, and simultaneous fulfillment of one's health, family, money, and play needs.

 This book provides practical suggestions and specific problem-solving approaches that can help the reader to achieve a successful life. Philosophical, health, family, money, and other considerations are addressed, with guidance for particular problems readily accessible through a detailed index. The special value of the information offered herein, although often based upon common sense, lies in its unique organization and presentation.

The accuracy of the technical subject matter, where appropriate, has been supported by research and expert review. Some of the opinions expressed are avant-garde, or speculative in nature.

PART ONE: Primary Considerations Page 3

SECTION A. Basic Concepts
SECTION B. Problem Solving Skills

PART TWO: Health Considerations Page 41

SECTION A. How to Attain Good Health
SECTION B. The Nature and Avoidance of Illness

PART THREE: Family Considerations Page 78

SECTION A. How to Select a Spouse
SECTION B. Reproduction and Sexual Intercourse
SECTION C. Marriage
SECTION D. Children

T FOUR: Money Considerations Page 137

SECTION A. Money (the concept)
SECTION B. How to Earn Money
SECTION C. How to Manage Money
SECTION D. General Business Skills

PART FIVE: Other Considerations Page 241


SUBJECT B. Violence

SUBJECT C. Racial Prejudice/Discrimination

SUBJECT D. Etiquette/Courtesy

SUBJECT E. Indigence

SUBJECT F. Time Allocations

SUBJECT G. Accomplishing Beyond the Norm


SUBJECT I. Make it Happen!

SUBJECT J. Taking Risks

SUBJECT K. Judging Human Nature

SUBJECT L. Dishonesty

SUBJECT M. Coping with Death

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