Teach Yourself Statistics- PDF by Richard Goodman

Teach Yourself Statistics

Teach Yourself Statistics

It is the aim of this book to help those who have to teach themselves some Statistics to an understanding of some of the fundamental ideas and mathematics involved. Once that has been acquired, problems of application are more readily and successfully tackled. For this reason, and for reasons of space, the concentration has been on fundamentals. But Statistics is a dynamic, developing science. New techniques, new methods of analysis are constantly arising and influencing even the foundations. The reader is urged to bear this fact in mind all the time and, particularly, when reading Chapters VI and IX.

The standard of mathematics assumed is not high. Occasion¬ ally algebra may appear to be a little tedious, but it is not difficult. Whenever possible, references to Mr. Abbott’s books in this series, especially Teach Yourself Calculus, have been given, and the reader is strongly advised to follow them up. Where this has not been possible and new ground has been broken, a note has been added at the end of the appro¬ private chapter. Continuous bivariate distributions, including the normal bivariate distribution, which involves double integrals, have been treated in an appendix. In case notation

should present 'difficulties, a list of a few mathematical symbols and their meanings follows that appendix. A set of Exercises concludes each chapter, except the first, but the student is urged also to tackle those provided in some of the books listed on page 239. Especially important as, perhaps, the most useful collection of exercises at present available is that pro¬ vided by the two parts of Elementary Statistical Exercises issued, and obtainable from, the Department of Statistics, University College, London. To be adequately equipped to tackle such exercises the student is recommended to have by him: ( 1 ) Chambers’s Shorter Six-Figure Mathematical Tables by the late Dr L. J. Comrie (W. and R. Chambers); and ( 2 ) Lanchester Short Statistical Tables by G. R. Braithwaite and C. O. D. Titmus (English Universities Press). A desk calculator is not essential, but if the student can possibly obtain one he should certainly do so. Of the hand-operated models, the Madras 10 R is recommended.

Lastly, to the staff of the English Universities Press and to the printers I wish to express my appreciation of the care they have bestowed upon this book; to my sister, Miss Nancy Goodman, to Messrs. F. T. Chaffer, Alec Bishop, and Leonard Cutts, and to the late Dr. J. Wishart, my thanks are due for their encouragement and suggestions; while to all those who have drawn my attention to mistakes and errors, especially Dr. P. G. Moore, the Rev. Liam Grimley, and Dr. van de Geer, I express my gratitude; wherever possible the necessary corrections have been made.

Author: Richard Goodman
Publication Date: 1972

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