Teach Yourself Catering And Hotel Management Free PDF (1919) by V. G. Winslet

Download Teach Yourself Catering And Hotel Management Free PDF (1919)  by V. G. Winslet

 Hotel Management

On those engaged in the top-level, range of the catering industry the demands made are numerous and heavy, and possibly no other vocation makes such inroads into a man’s private time and life. To anyone who is willing to accept such conditions it provides compensations and sometimes rich rewards, not all of a material kind. Some of the attributes required are good health, unlimited patience, tact, a placid temperament, a lively interest in people and things, the capacity to meet emergencies, solve them quickly and originate action, and a wide practical experience in every aspect of the industry, with the ability to direct every employee in his job and enforce discipline with the inflexibili^ of a sergeant-major mellowed by the benevolence of a humane magistrate.

The success of any establishment rests very largely on the staff employed. If the industry is. to be efficient in every respect, ^ere is no room for wasted effort due to misplaced labor, with its consequent frustration and unhappiness. From personnel, as from proprietors, the industry demands initiative, really hard work, together with high standards of cleanliness, of buying, projecting and presenting food, and of everything that goes to give service in it^ widest and best sense to the community at large. It is not a matter of serving a cup of coffee or a six-course dinner, but of selling a specialized product allied with the personal service of everyone engaged in the industry

Herein are set out as fully as possible the salient facts relating to the catering industry in general and its daily operation. The author has had many years of the closest contact with its varied demands, its often exciting incidents, and its absorbing interests. He hopes sincerely that the knowledge imparted will be of value to all readers, whether they have attained executive positions, are about to set up in some catering enterprise, or presently occupy quite humble places in this great industry.

Author: V. G. Winslet
 Publication Date: 1919
The book is 188 pages

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