Strength, and how to obtain it Free PDF (1897) by Eugen Sandow

Strength, and how to obtain it  Free PDF (1897) by  Eugen Sandow

Strength, and how to obtain it

Hundreds of letters reach me daily, asking “ Can I become strong 1 ” Yes; you can all become strong if you have the will and use it in the right direction. But, in the first place, you must learn to exercise your mind. This first of all lessons in physical training is of the utmost importance. For on it the whole of my system depends. I

f physical exercise alone and unaided could achieve the desired end, then would everyone who, like the breaker of stones, has to use his muscles to earn his daily bread, become, in a popular acceptation of the term, “ a strong man.” The breaker of stones, however, never uses his mind. He has to get through a given amount of work, and his method is purely mechanical.

 Though he may use his muscles in hard work every day of the year it is unlikely that his strength will ever materially increase. Exercise, indeed, without using the mind in conjunction with it, is of no use. It is the brain that develops the muscles. Physical exercise must be commenced by degrees, first bringing into play one muscle, then tw r o, then three, and so on, being careful all the time to put the mind into every movement. Let me strongly advise every student to study well the anatomical chart which is published with this book. By its aid, you will be able not only to receive a useful lesson in anatomy, but you will also be able to see at a glance the exercise by which each muscle may be developed.

Content of the book:

Introduction 3

I. — How to Exercise 13

II. — The Secret of the Cold Bath 17

III.— The Tables of Ages 19

IY. — Prizes for Pupils 27

Y. — Sandow’s Chart of Measurements 28

VI.— Sandow’s School of Physical Culture 30

VII. — The Sandow- Whitely Improved Exerciser 32

VIII. — Heavy Weight Lifting 34

IX. — Nutritive Qualities of Foods 35

Letters from Pupils 36

Portraits of Pupils 74


Incidents of my Professional Career.

I. — My Childhood and Boyhood 89

II. — How I came to London and Defeated Samson 93

III. — I meet Goliath 103

IV. — A Presentation under Curious Circumstances 109

V. — The Living Weights 115

VI. — On the “ Elbe” : Bound for New York 119

VII. — My First Hour in America 123

VIII. — Incidents of the American Tour ... 129

IX.— My Lion Fight in San Francisco 135

X — Further Incidents of the Tour 141

XI.— My Dog Sultan 145

XII.— My Performance at the Present Time ... 153

XIII— My Measurements 157

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