Recalled to life PDF Novel (1891) by Grant Allen

Recalled to life  PDF Novel by Grant Allen 

Recalled to life Free PDF Novel

A detective story about a young woman who loses her memory after her father is murdered. I will try not to give anymore beyond the general plot. Secondly, the focus of the novel was, originally, educated high-class men of society as there are many references to the weakness of women. This is not to say that it is sexist,, the novel has a good plot and, I would consider towards the end, a very good climax.

Contents of the novel

I. Una Collingham's first recollection ... 5

Ii. Beginning life again 12

Iii. An unexpected visitor 22

Iv. The story of the photographs 36

V. 1 become a woman 49

Vi. Re-living my life 62

Vii. The grange at Woodbury 72

Viii. A vision of dead years 87

Ix. Hateful suspicions 95

X. Yet another photograph i08

Xi. The vision recurs ii9

Xii. The Moores of Torquay i26

Xiii. Dr. Ivor of Babbacombe i35

Xiv. My welcome to Canada i43

Xv. A new acquaintance i55

Xvi. My plans alter i75

Xvii. A strange recognition 183

Xviii. Murder will out i92

Xix. The real murderer 202

Xx. The stranger from the sea 2x1

Xxi. The plot unravels itself 226

Xxii. My memory returns 234

Xxiii. The fatal shot 245

Xxiv. All's well that ends well 259

Author Grant Allen
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