Practipedics (Podiatry): the science of giving foot comfort and correcting the cause of foot troubles Free PDF book

Practipedics  (Podiatry): the science of giving foot comfort and correcting the cause of foot troubles Free PDF book

Practipedics  (Podiatry): the science of giving foot comfort

This study is based on a broad principle and idea of a definite, studied-out means of relieving foot ills without encroaching upon or interfering with the rights or practice of the physician, surgeon or chiropodist. The designation of Practipedic and the science it covers is based principally on mechanics and mechanical therapeutics as applied to the feet, although alleviation and prophylactic measures take an important part.

The time is not far distant when the Practiped- ist will have every recognition and enjoy the prominence, and scientific as well as social recognition of his profession. The numerous conditions of the feet to be found needing assistance as provided in practipedics will at once secure the co-operation of physicians, surgeons, and chiropodists, who will be only too glad to send their patients to a man educated and qualified by the study of this course.

 It is essentially prepared for instructing shoe dealers and their salesmen in the art of handling the feet, giving them a practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the normal use of the feet, with a complete and practical outline on foot troubles and their correction by the methods used in the wide and successful practice of Dr. William M. Scholl, foremost authority on the mechanical treatment of deformities of the foot. The course, when mastered, will mean added power to anyone who has to do with the feet. The principal opening for the qualified Practipedist is in the shoe store. Every foot-fitter — every shoe man can qualify by carefully studying this course.
Podiatry, Foot Diseases

Author: William Mathias Publication Date: 1917

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