Motion picture acting Free PDF book ( Lessons for New Actors ) 1947 by Lillian Albertson

Motion picture acting Free PDF book ( Lessons for New Actors ) 1947 by Lillian Albertson

Motion picture acting Free PDF book

Contents of the book:

Similarities and Dissimilarities in Stage and Screen Acting 3 Exercise 12 Posture and Movement 17 Speech 28 Regional Accents 43 Imagination 47 Concentration 55 A Dramatic Coach Makes a Confession 68 Self-Assurance 86 Self-Reliance 96 How to Visualize a Role 109 This Above All 110 Idiot's Delight 117 Cavalcade 123 Index 131

Excerpt from the author's introduction

This book seems to be a very clear and simple statement on what acting is all about. The Author is never ponderous. She writes in a light vein and with a certain humor; but, nevertheless, there is an unmistakable authority in everything she says. Her long years of experience as actress, producer, and director in the theatre have earned for Lillian Albertson the right to speak as she does, and I believe her book will be most helpful to young people everywhere who wish to make a career in motion picture acting.

As I read your book, MOTION PICTURE ACTING, my mind went back to opening night at the Astor Theater in New York, many years ago. The play was "Paid in Full," starring Lillian Albertson in the greatest role of her career. I remember the next day the critics acclaimed you as one of Broad- way's finest actresses. Having followed your brilliant career from that time until your retirement from the legitimate stage, it was with the deepest interest that I read your book.

Through a long career, I have interviewed innumerable young aspirants for the screen and, more recently, I toured the country searching for talent for my "Gateway To Hollywood" radio broadcasts. I interviewed many youngsters with the physical qualifications that would have justified their seeking a career in motion pictures or the legitimate stage, but, in nearly every instance, they lacked the very fundamentals of dramatic training. I wish that I might have had copies of MOTION PICTURE ACTING at the time so that I might have presented them to these aspirants for dramatic fame.

I believe your book win become a textbook in the various dramatic departments of colleges and schools and will be studied with real profit by young players in the little theater groups and summer stock companies throughout the country. I heartily recommend it to anyone, regardless of age, who aspires to the screen or stage -- in fact, as I finished your book, it seemed to me that it can be read and studied most favorably by anyone who desires to improve his social grace and deportment. I prophesy that MOTION PICTURE ACTING will have a wide circulation, and I congratulate you on your literary style and the selection of fascinating anecdotes of the theater which makes your book good reading for everyone.

Author:  Lillian Albertson
 Publication Date:1947

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