Hugo's Italian simplified complete Free PDF book ( 1918) (Italian Grammar)

Hugo's Italian simplified complete Free PDF book ( 1918)

Hugo's Italian simplified complete

--Consisting of I.--A Simple but complete grammar ... II.--Italian reading made easy ... III.--Italian conversation simplified ... IV.--A Key to the exercises in the grammar

After acquiring a general idea of the Pronunciation, learn five or six lessons in the Grammar. This can best be done by reading carefully several times through each rule, pronouncing the new words aloud, and writing out the translation to the Exercise on that rule.

Then compare your work carefully with the Key, marking all errors, and afterward reading again through the Examples to the rule forgotten. If necessary, translate the Exercise a second or third time, and on no account attempt the Collective Exercise until you can do the short Exercises correctly. (Students who experience any difficulty in translating the Collective Exercises may first translate them from the Key into English.) After having mastered five or six lessons in this way, a page or two of the Reading matter may be advantageously translated with each lesson.

 This will relieve the monotony of learning so many rules, and greatly enlarge the number of words at the student^s command if each page is gone through two or three times. No attempt need be made to learn the words in the reading pages by heart; they will be acquired gradually and without effort. Advanced Students will derive great benefit from writing out the LITERAL TRANSLATION of these pages in English, afterward re-translating without reference to the original. The conversation pages will well repay the trouble of careful study, but 12 or 14 lessons should be learned before this section is attempted.

Author: Charles Hugo
 Publication Date:1918

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