Happiness; essays on the meaning of life PDF book ( 1903 ) by Karl Hilty

Happiness; essays on the meaning of life PDF book ( 1903 ) by Karl Hilty

Happiness; essays on the meaning of life

Collection of essays for self-help and happiness

The art of work.--How to fight the battles of life.--Good habits.--The children of this world are wiser than the children of light.--The art of having time.--Happiness.--The meaning of life.--Notes

Great numbers of thoughtful people are just now much perplexed to know what to make of the facts of life and are looking about them for some reasonable interpretation of the modern world. 'They cannot abandon the work of the world, but they are conscious that they have not learned the art of work. They have to fight the battle of life, but they are not sure what weapons are fit for that battle. They are so beset by the cares of living that they have no time for life itself. They observe that happiness often eludes those who most eagerly pursue it; and that the meaning of life is often hidden from those whose way would seem to be most free.

To this state of mind hesitating, restless, and dissatisfied, in the world but not content to be of the world the reflections of Professor Hilty, as published in Switzerland and Germany, have already brought much reassurance and composure; and their message seems hardly less applicable to English and American life. Here also the fever of commercialism threatens the vitality of idealism, and here also the art of life is lost in the pace of living. Religion to a great many educated people still seems as Bishop Butler wrote in 1736, "not so much as a subject of inquiry.

Author: CARL HILTY  
Publication Date:1903

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