Germinal Free PDF novel by Emile Zola (1885) Translated by Carlyme

Download Germinal Free PDF novel by Emile Zola (1885)

Download Germinal Emile Zola

Emile Zola's acknowledged masterpiece written in 1885, the politics are dated as history has shown, his overemphasis on sex, research, and common sense have refuted, this is the 19th century, not the 21st, (trying to sell more books ? "Nana," made the same error) his characters are more symbols than real human beings, with a quite melodramatic plot even, yet Germinal, is a superb novel, which will capture your total interest, the reader will learn much about little known aspects, the dangers, of coal mining in France, ( and the world) ... ironically all have closed now, because of cheap foreign competition...

Etienne Lantier, is young, 21, a strong Frenchman, who has just lost his job as a mechanic, the intelligent man, hasn't discovered you don't curse your boss, if you want to keep a job, the too passionate, angry vagabond with a hair-trigger temper, is homeless and hungry, walking in the dark, roaming a coal mining district, near the border of Belgium, sleeping outdoors on the ground, no money, days pass he needs another job soon or starve to death, wondering how his life has come to this sad condition. At last, after many rejections for employment, he gets work in the coal mine of Le Verreaux, thanks to the help of Vincent Maheu, a veteran in the industry, the father of seven, his family has been digging deep underground for coal, over a century and losing many members as a result of numerous accidents.

Ok an open plain, under a starless sky black and
thick as ink, a solitary man was following the main
road from Marchiennes to Montson, a paved way of ten
kilometres, cutting straight through fields of beets. He
could not even see the dark ground before him, and he
was insensible to the immense plain around him, except
from blasts of March wind, great gusts as on the sea,
biting cold, sweeping over leagues of marsh and naked
field. No shade of tree specked the sky ; the road un-
folded itself with the regularity of a jetty amid the
darkening shadows of the night.

The man had started from Marchiennes at two o'clock.
He had walked with great strides, shivering beneath the
thin lining of his velvet vest and pantaloons. A small
bundle, tied up in a checked handkerchief, annoyed
him greatly, and he rested it against his hips, sometimes
on one side and sometimes on the other, to enable him
to put both hands into the depths of his pockets at the
same time, hands benumbed and deprived of blood by
the cutting east wind. A single thought occupied his
mind — a mechanic without work and without home — '
the hope that the cold would be less severe after the
break of day. For an hour and a half he had pro-
ceeded in this manner, when, two kilometres from
Montson, he perceived, on the left, some red fires, three
brasiers of glowing coal burning as if suspended in the
open air. At first, through fear, he hesitated, then he
could not resist the pitiful desire to warm his hands an

Author: Emile Zola
Translator: Carlyme
Publication Date: 1885

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