Bushido, the Soul of Japan (1905) Free PDF book: an exposition of Japanese thought

Download Bushido, the Soul of Japan (1905) Free PDF book: an exposition of Japanese thought by Inazo Nitobe

Bushido, the Soul of Japan (1905) Free PDF book

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

Since it was first brought into print, six years ago, this little book has had a history that was unexpected and that has been richer in results than could have been anticipated. The Japanese reprint has passed through nine editions. The present edition is issued simultaneously in New York and London for the use of English-speaking readers throughout the world. In the meantime, the book has been translated into Mahratti by Mr. Dev of Khanda, into German by Fraulein Kaufmann of Hamburg, into Bohemian by Mr. Hora of Chicago, and into Polish by the Society of Science and Life in Lemberg. Versions in Norwegian and French are also in preparation, and a Chinese translation is in the plan. Certain chapters of Bushido have also been brought before Hungarian and Russian readers in their respective languages. A detailed review, almost amounting to a commentary, has been published in Japanese. Full, scholarly notes for the help of the younger students of English, have been compiled by my friend, Mr, Sakurai, to whom I also owe much in other ways.

I have been more than gratified to feel that my little treatise has found sympathetic readers in widely separated circles, showing that the subject-matter is of interest to the world at large. Exceedingly flattering is the news (which reaches me from a trustworthy source) that President Roosevelt has done me the honor of reading the treatise and of distributing copies among his friends.

Contents of the book

 I. BUSHIDO AS AN EtHICAL SYSTEM... II, — Sources of Bushido III. — Rectitude or Justice. IV. — Courage, the Spirit of Dar iNG and Bearing V. — Benevolence, the Feeling OF Distress VI. — Politeness VII. — ^Veracity and Sincerity VIII. — Honour... IX. — The Duty of Loyalty. X. — Education and Training of a Samurai. XI. — Self-Control XII. — The Institutions of Suicide AND Redress. XIII. — The Sword, the Soul of the Samurai.XIV. — The Training and Position OF Woman. , 133 XV. — ^The Influence of Bushido. 158 XVI. — Is Bushido Still Alive?. 168 XVII. — ^The Future of Bushido. 182

Author: Inazo Nitobe.
 Publication Date:1905

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