Archons. Otherworldly Rulers Through The Ages Free PDF book

Archons. Otherworldly Rulers Through The Ages 

Archons. Otherworldly Rulers Through The Ages Free PDF book

whether they are fallen angels, archons, or Nephilim) have been either removed, suppressed or destroyed outright. ... In general, this evil is the result of either fallen, inferior or usurper deities, angels or rulers. It is very probable that the Christian- Gnostics believed that these powers not only inhabited certain of the planetary spheres but other frequencies, wavelengths or dimensions of matter not readily detectable by ordinary humans. Further, there is every reason to suspect that the schools of Christian-Gnostics were aware of the existence of beings navigating in not only the physical dimension but in other, more subtle frequencies.

 These beings were most often termed rulers or archons and were created by or ruled by a chief Archon known by various names such as Ildabaoth, Sacklas, Satan, Sammael, etc. 

That these beings possess the power of creating bodies is evident from the texts in question; that they believed themselves to be creators or "gods" is also evident. As a result of their fallen state, they are hostile to humanity and attempt to prevent mankind from attaining to spiritual liberation." Joseph P. Macchio, from: "The Orthodox Suppression of Original Christianity"

"It was an age-old legend that there were seven watchers who were tried in the judgment, found not faithful, and overthrown. Now in the Ritual there appear the seven mortal sins "that lie in wait at the balance where all hearts are weighed, to arrest the further progress of the soul" (Ch. 71). These seven natural instincts of the mortal self-constituted the seven-headed serpent that lay in wait at the "bight of Amenta," to devour the infant and innocent god-soul.

The present exegesis receives striking corroboration in the statement of the Ritual that this place of ambuscade is "at the balance where all hearts are weighed." For assuredly it is in the incarnate state only that the soul could meet the seven enemies whose very existence is in the animal body and the carnal nature. The seven early mindless rulers were to be displaced by the twelve archons seated on the twelve thrones of judgment."
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