Ancient Athens Free PDF book by Ernest Arthur Gardner (1907) (with Illustrations)

Ancient Athens Free PDF book by Ernest Arthur Gardner (1907) (with  Illustrations)

Ancient Athens Free PDF book

The author of a book on Ancient Athens must need to owe much to his predecessors, and these are so many that, in an attempt to make more particular acknowledgment, there is no little danger of omission. In stating a few of the sources from which I am conscious of having borrowed most, I have no wish to slight the more numerous authorities to which others, and possibly I myself, owe as great or perhaps a greater debt. But this difficulty can hardly be avoided without allowing a preface to grow into a bibliography. Among earlier travelers,

I have most frequently consulted Wheler, Stuart, Dodwell, and Leake. Among those whom it has been my privilege to hear as well as to read, I would especially mention Mr. F. C. Penrose, F.R.S., and Professor Dorpfeld. Of recent works on Athens, I have constantly referred to Curtius's Stadtgeschichte von A then and Mr. J. G. Frazer's edition of Pausanias; Miss Harrison and Mrs. Verrall's Mythology and Monuments of Ancient Athens has also been useful. The existence of these works and others, such as Wachsmuth's Die S tacit A than in Alterthum, Hitzig and Blumner's edition of Pausanias, Michaelis's Der Par- t lieu on, and Jahn and Michaelis's Pausanice Descriptio A re is Atheuamm, has made it permissible to summarise results rather than to enumerate details of evidence, and I must refer to them any readers who wish to follow up matters of controversy or obscurity at greater length than has here been practicable or desirable. Professor Milch hbfer's Schriftquellen Zur TopograpJiie von Allien, attached to Curtius's Stadtgcscliiehte, is particularly convenient, as exempting later writers from the necessity of constantly justifying their statements by references to classical authors.

The photographic illustrations for this book are some of them made from plates taken expressly for the purpose of Mr. C. Demetriou of Athens. Others are selected from the galleries of Athenian photographers, especially the admirable series of Messrs.

Rhomaides, whom I have to thank for their courteous permission to reproduce many of their finest plates. The photographs of sculpture in the British Museum are mostly from Messrs. Mansell's collection. I am also indebted for several photographs to amateur friends; among these, I would mention my nephew, Mr. Arthur Gardner, especially for his telephotographic views of architectural details, Mr. Stephen Marshall, Mr. F. Fletcher, and Miss Shove. Mr. Hasluck kindly made for me the sketch- diagram of the Attic coast. The maps and plans have been prepared under my direction by Messrs. Walker and Cockerell.

The maps are based upon the survey in Curtius and Kaupert, Karten von Attica, a work to which I owe also a more general acknowledgment. I wish to thank Professor Dorpfeld for his generous permission to reproduce several of his plans. Leave to make use of some plates from Dr. Middleton's Plans and Drawings of Athenian Buildings has been given me by the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and by Mrs. Middleton, who has also kindly allowed me to print Dr. Middleton's unpublished plan of the Parthenon.

Author: Ernest Arthur Gardner
   Publication Date:1907

the book contains 579 Pages

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