Abridged history of the United States - PDF book by Emma Willard

An abridged history of the United States, or the republic of America

Abridged history of the United States

Our purpose is to give the events of the history with clearness and accuracy; with such illustrations of time and place addressed to the eye, as shall secure their retention in the memory; and, at the same time, with such an order of arrangement, as will enable the mind to recall, at need, what it thus retains. T

his we regard as necessary, not only with respect to this particular study; but as rightly laying out the ground-pian of the Intellect, so far as the whole range of history is concerned. We have endeavoured to make the book convenient, — by side notes with dates, numbered paragraphs of suitable length reading classes, — and by questions on each paragraph, placed at the bottom of the page.

 These questions are so ., that youthful teachers may avail themselves of the author's long experience, to acquire a manner of questioning, which, while not obscure, will oblige the pupil to think, which will bring into relief prominent points. 

We have been desirous of cultivating memory, intellect, and taste. But much more anxious have we been to sow the seeds of virtue, by 

showing the good in such amiable lights, that tlie youthful heart shall kindle into desires of imitation. And we have been careful to give clear conceptions of those deeds, which are proper to imitate; while with regard to wrong actions, we have, as far as possible, given the result, rather than the detail.

Some contents:

I. Definitions, 13
II. The Aborigines 16
Third I. First Discovery — Columbus, 21
I. II. English Discoveries — French 24
I Spanish Discoveries, Adventures, and Cruelties — St.Augustine 28
p I. Unsuccessful attempt of Gilbert, Raleigh, and others. S3
II. The first settlement of Virginia 38
157S. HI. Early settlement of Virginia— continued 43
IV. Virginia — Hudson river — Canada 46
The departure of the Pilgrims from England, and their soil in holland 51
II. Progress of the Pilgrims from Holland to America 55
III. The Savages — Massasoit's Alliance — Wmslow's Visit to the Pokanokets 59
IV. Grand Council of Plymouth — New Hampshire — Massachusetts Bay 62
V. The Colony of Massachusetts Bay 64
VI. Rhode Island and its Founder 66
VII. Connecticut and its Founders 69
VIII. The Pequod War 73
IX. Intolerance of the times — Harvard College founded —

Author: Emma Willard
 Publication Date: 1865
 Contains illustrations 

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