Why worry? (1909) Book by George Lincoln Walton

Why worry? PDF book by George Lincoln Walton

Epicurus as a Mental Healer
Epicurus as a Mental Healer

Contents of the book

I. Introduction 13 II. Epicurus as a Mental Healer 22 III. The Psycho - Therapy of Marcus Aurelius 30 IV. Analysis of Worry 39 V. Worry and Obsession 53 VI. The Doubting Folly 82 VII. Hypochondria 101 VIII. Neurasthenia 129 IX. Sleeplessness 147 X. Occupation Neurosis 166 XI. The Worrier at Home 172 Xn. The Wobriee on his Travels 184 XIII. The Worrier at Table 190 XIV. The Fear of Becoming Insane 197 XV. Recapitulatory 210 XVI. Maxims Misapplied 214 XVII. The Fad 222 XVIII. Home Treatment 242 XIX. Home Treatment Continued 259

From the Introduction:

No apology is needed for adding another to the treatises on a subject whose importance is evidenced by the number already offered to the public. The habit of worry is not to be overcome by unaided resolution. It is hoped that the victim of this unfortunate tendency may find, among the homely illustrations and commonplace suggestions here offered, something to turn his mind into more healthy channels. It is not the aim of the writer to transform the busy man into a philosopher of the indolent and contemplative type, but rather to enable him to do his work more effectively by eliminating undue solicitude. This elimination is consistent even with the "strenuous life."

One writer has distinguished between normal and abnormal worry and directed his efforts against the latter. Webster's definition of worry (A state of undue solicitude) obviates the necessity of deciding what degree and kind of worry is abnormal, and directs attention rather to decide what degree of solicitude may be fairly adjudged undue. In the treatment of a subject of this character, a certain amount of repetition is unavoidable. But it is hoped that the reiteration of fundamental principles and of practical hints will aid in the application of the latter. The aim is the gradual establishment of a frame of mind. The reader who looks for the annihilation of individual worries, or who hopes to influence another by the direct application of the suggestions, may prepare, in the first instance for disappointment, in the second, for trouble. The thanks of the writer are due to Miss Amy Morris Homans, Director of the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics, for requesting him to make to her students the address which forms the nucleus of these pages.

Author: George Lincoln Walton
 Publication Date: 1909

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