The sources of the morality of the Gospels - PDF book by Joseph McCabe

The sources of the morality of the Gospels

Joseph McCabe
Joseph McCabe

The object of this work may be declared in a few words. It essays to give an answer to two questions that interest all who follow the advance of Christian theology or are attracted to the comparative study 'of religion and morals. 

A vast literature has been written of late years on the doctrinal or the historical issues raised by the New Testament, and the very sacrifices which have been imposed on theologians in regard to the personality of Christ have made them more eager to exaggerate the distinction of his teaching. 

The critical student may welcome a careful and specific study of the sentiments ascribed to Christ in the Gospels. The two main questions which I have held in view are : (l) Are there any original or distinctive elements in the moral teaching attributed to Christ ? ; (2) If that teaching takes its place in the natural evolution of morals, what were the strains or traditions which we may recognize as contributory to the Christian ethic?


Preface - vii
I. The problem op christ 1
Ii. Egyptian morals 24
iii. Morality in Babylonia and Persia 45
Iv. The evolution of Jewish morality 68
V. Greek moralists 97
Vi. Morality in the roman empire 119
Vii. The gospels - 145
Viii. The parables of the gospels and
The Talmud - 174
Ix. Parallels to the teaching of christ 204
X. Personality in the gospels 298
Index - - 313

Author: Joseph Martin McCabe was an English writer and speaker on freethought, after having been a Roman Catholic priest earlier in his life
Publication Date:1914


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