The mystery of Osiris 1909 PDF book by Clymer R..Swinburne

The mystery of Osiris 1909 PDF book by  Clymer R..Swinburne 

The mystery of Osiris 1909 PDF book

Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead, brother-husband to Isis, and one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. The name `Osiris' is the Latinized form of the Egyptian Usir which is interpreted as 'powerful' or 'mighty"

A work setting forth the Egyptian Mythology in all its beauty and giving the inner and more sacred teachings of the Egyptian Initiation and explaining much concerning the greater Sex Mysteries as taught to the Initiates of the Egyptian Temples.

Excerpt from the introduction:

The work before the reader is not an original one, for nearly all that it contains has been in book form before. However, it has not been our desire to produce an original one, for even had it been, it would be impossible since there is very little original along these lines. In saying this, we naturally refer to the outer symbolism of the Egyptians, for nearly all of this has been given to the world at some time or another.

Author: Clymer, R . Swinburne
  Publication Date: 1909

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