The human harvest PDF book by David Starr Jordan

The human harvest PDF book by David Starr Jordan study of the decay of races through the survival of the unfit 

The human harvest PDF book by David Starr Jordan

This little book contains the substance of two essays on the same subject, the one originally delivered in Stanford University, and reprinted by the American Unitarian Association with the title of " The Blood of the Nation" the other read at Philadelphia in 1906, at the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, with the title, " The Human Harvest" This was printed in the Proceedings of the American philosophical society.

How long will the Republic endure? So long as the ideas of its founders remain dominant. How long will these ideas remain dominant? Just so long as the blood of its founders remains dominant in the blood of its people. Not the blood of Puritans and Virginians alone ^ the original creators of free states^ but the blood of free-born men be they Greeky  Roman Franks Saxony Normany Danny Celty Scotty Goth or Samurai. It is a free stock that creates a free nation.

Our Republic shall endure so long as the human harvest is goody so long as the movement of history by the progress of science and industry y leaves for the future the best and not the worst of each generation.


The Human Harvest 13 A Dream of Fair Horses 13 A Dream of Swift Horses 19 The Story of the Vires 21 Reversal of Selection in Rome 24 Rise of the Mob in Rome 25 Franklin 27 Lords of Otto Seeck 28 The Fall of Rome 29 Vir and Homo 31

 History Repeats Itself 35 The Field of Novara 36 A French Cartoon 38 Blood determines History 39 History determines Blood 41 Men and Beasts under the same Laws 42 Selective Breeding 44 Meaning of Progress 45 Illustrations from France 46 Heredity repeats what she finds 50 The Man of the Hoe 51 The Sifting of Men in France 53 The Nobles and the Peasantry 54 Effects of Primogeniture 56 [9]

 Contents Reversed Selection in the Reign of terror 58 Tube Chronicle of the Drum 59 Reversed Selection through Repression and Intolerance 60 Reversed Selection through Monasticism Reversed Selection through Abuse of 61 Charity 62

 Saved from the Army 65 Alcoholism in Race-Selection Reversed Selection through the Rush to 66 Cities 69 Reversed Selection through War 70 Fainting of Napoleon 71 Napoleon s Campaigns 72 The Fall of Greece 76 The Case of Germany 77 Effects of Emigration What does he know of England, who only 78 England knows? 80 The Case of Switzerland 80 The Case of Spain 82 The Greatness of Japan 83 What of England? 85 “

 there is a Widow in Sleepy Chester ” 86 testimony of Kipling 88 [lo] “ The Widow at Windsor ” 89 'The Revelry of the Dying 90 Contents The Band in the Bine-Wood 91 The Song of the Dead 92 Ave Imperatrix 93 Tommy Atkins 99 The Survival of the Fittest in War? lOI What of America? 102 Significance of^Sons of the Revolution ” 103

 war sometimes inevitable 104 Browneir s Roll of Honor 106 The Phantom Army 1 12 How long will the Republic endure F Like the Seed is the Harvest 1 16 War as a Source of National Strength 117 W ar one Influence among Many 118 Advantages of Civil War 120 The best Political Economy 121

Author:  David Starr Jordan 
Publication Date:1907

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