The culture of courage PDF (1915) : a practical companion-book for unfoldment of fearless personality

The culture of courage: a practical companion-book for the unfoldment of fearless personality by Frank C. Haddock.

The culture of courage

excerpt from Introduction:

When any form of health is threatened, you say, perhaps, it is fear that warns you to self-preservation. But I say it is the reason, and your fear-feeling is unnecessary and hurtful. If you can remember that the White Life or Universe and you have the same desire, your highest welfare, you can banish the fear-element, reserving only the reason-assurance element. All the fears in the world cannot benefit you. Harmony and courage will sublime your whole life.

I have never known a person whose reason has induced self-suffering. Suffer-fear is always a product of diseased imagination. What some may call reason- fear when they think they are extremely sensible, is simply fear, and nothing but fear, and it is due to imagination, not to reason. "But," you say, "are there not all sorts of evils in the world, and do they not threaten us, and should we not forefend against them? In this forefending, how can we escape fear?" These questions show how thorough fear is knit into our very lives. Now, this is precisely the point. Fear has no rightful place with any rightful living, because the white life alone is rightful, and in that life reason-assurance only is possible, and, therefore, rightful.

The best way in which to forefend against evil is to deny it and cast out the fiction. This entire question of evil is at your command. Evil exists- because other people admit its existence. If all were to live the white life, each person might rightly declare, "There is no evil." The only real evil is that which can hurt your best self. When anything hurts your best self, it is your self that hurts your self. The only evil in the Universe is some one's act hurting others, but more, hurting self. If to you evil is, then, it is yourself. You can so live the sublime white life of harmony as to be able to say: "So far as I am concerned, evil has gone out of the world. There is no evil to me."

Content of the book

Chapter I. The World's New Dawn 3 Chapter II. Fear and Reason 15 Chapter III. Physical Tone 27 Chapter IV. Dual Health-Tone of the Self 53 Chapter V. Fear of Self 33 Chapter VI. Fear for Others 113 Chapter VII. Fear of Things 137 Chapter VIII. The Fears of Timidity 169 Chapter IX. Some People We Fear 201 Chapter X. Some of Life's Relations 251 Chapter XL The Fearful Crowd 311 Chapter XII. Fear of Events — Old Age 369 Chapter XIII. Courage for Future Events 411 Chapter XIV. A Perpetual Tonic 447 Prefatory Matters. "The New Down" 2 " Fear-Thought and Fear-Feeling " 14 "The Soul of the Cell" 26 "A Regime" 5 ~ "Fear Not Thyself" 82 "Fear Not For Others" H2 * ' Fear Not Dumb Things " 136 "The Massing of a Hundred Faces" 168 "Fear Not Thy Fellows" 200 "Life's Relations" 25 ° ' ' The Raw Material " 310 " Youth is Courage " 368 "Fear Not Events" 410 "The Rock of Courage" 446

Author: Frank C. Haddock.1915:

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