Stories from Don Quixote PDF book Translated by H. L. Havell ( 1908 ) With illustrations

Stories from Don Quixote 

Stories from Don Quixote PDF book

Excerpt from the introduction
There is perhaps no book, among the world's great classics, which lends itself so readily to abridgment as " Don Quixote." In the First Part, down to the knight's return from the Sierra Morena, the narrative moves on swiftly and surely in one unclouded blaze of genius; but after this prodigious effort the author's invention begins to flag, and the remaining chapters are padded out with a mass of episodes which have little or no connection with the story.

The admirable Second Part, though more carefully planned, and unencumbered by irrelevant matter, is certainly, on the whole, less brilliant and delightful than those wonderful thirty chapters which exhibit Cervantes in the heyday of his powers. Accordingly, it will be found that nearly half the present volume is occupied with the incidents which occurred before Don Quixote's second visit to the "enchanted castle." The digressions are omitted altogether, and the Second Part, which, with all its varied excellences, is too long for the patience of most readers, has been greatly curtailed. In studying the Spanish text, I have constantly consulted the English translation and notes of Mr. Henry Edward Watts, the Spanish Commentary of Clemencin,

the masterly German version by Braunfels, and the Tesoro de la Lengua Castellana of Covarrubias. I can only hope that I shall have succeeded in communicating to my readers some portion at least of the pleasure and instruction which I have derived from my long and intimate converse with the mighty Spaniard. The materials for the brief biographical sketch given in the introduction are drawn from the " Life of Cervantes " by Mr. Theodore Watts. For the critical views expressed, I myself am alone responsible. My best thanks are due to Mr. Fred. E. Bumby, B.A., Lecturer in Anglo-Saxon and Spanish at the University College, Nottingham, who has read through the proofs, and made several valuable suggestions.

Contents of the book:

Introduction .- Don Quixote resolves to turn Knight-Errant.- How Don Quixote was dubbed Knight - The Adventures of Don Quixote after leaving the Inn- The Burning of the Books of Chivalry - Don Quixote and Sancho - The Battle of the Windmills- Don Quixote's Duel with the Valiant Biscayan.- Discourse, grave and gay, between Don Quixote and his Squire- Don Quixote and the Carriers - The Great Battle with the Army of the East.- The Helmet of Mambrino - Don Quixote and the Convicts - Don Quixote does penance in the Sierra Morena - Sancho meets the Priest and Barber = Further Adventures at the Inn - Don Quixote visits Toboso The Knight of the Mirrors. - Don Quixote's Adventure with the Lions - The Wedding of Camacho - The Adventure of the Enchanted Bark - Don Quixote becomes the Guest of a Duke Sancho and His Isle.- Don Quixote's Last Battle - At Rest - Pronouncing List of Names -

Author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,
  Publication Date:1908

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