Stars PDF book how and why by Norman Hoss

Stars PDF book how and why by Norman Hoss

Stars PDF book how and why by Norman Hoss

This book about stars is one in a series of How and Why Wonder Books planned to open doors of scientific knowledge to young readers. It has been prepared to help young people explore, in a systematic way, the wonders of the universe. It will help them discover what astronomers — both ancient and modem — have learned and stimulated children to raise new and unanswered questions. This is in the true spirit of science.

Exploring the stars has always been fascinating to people everywhere. Perhaps this is because our neighbors in the sky are so much a part of everyone’s experience. Everyone can look up and behold the heavens. Yet “just-looking” does not tell us all we want to know about the untold thousands of galaxies and the unimaginable vastness of space. Thus we are left with a sense of wonder and awe. It has always been so.

But if “just-looking” at the stars does not give us all the answers to our questions, then we must turn to the vast store of knowledge gathered by the astronomers. They have used special instruments and mathematics as well as their experienced eyes to get answers, and much of what they have learned is contained in the following pages. This book will enable young people to observe the heavens with increased respect for what is known and a greater appreciation for what is yet unknown. Paul E. Blackwood

Author: Norman Hoss

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