Sex problems solved - PDF by William Lee Howard

Sex problems solved (from work, worry, and depression)

Sex problems solved

The common expressions, " Let Nature have its way," " Don't interfere with Nature," " You cannot improve upon Nature's methods," and many similar fallacious statements, have done more to prevent the betterment of the race and individual than all the other errors handed down to us by our ignorant and superstitious for- bears. 

There are farmers today struggling with poverty and poor crops because they are too dull or listless to grasp the scientific methods of aiding and controlling " Nature's ways." There are decayed and dying fruit trees, gardens de- stroyed by weed encroachment, crops stunted or killed by worms and insects because " Nature " knows best how to do things. Just so with man and woman. Certain brain cells, especially those controlling the reproductive instincts and forces, if left to Nature's ways, become choked with injurious weeds. 

That is, we have not learned to glean the thoughts, to understand the crowding undergrowth of bio-logical instincts and prune so as to make room for the real stuff in man. We see the great mass of humanity trying to struggle through life by " letting Nature have its way." Nature starts all things right, but permitted to go on unchecked or unguided, always tends toward the line of least resistance. Or, in other words, Nature is a great impartial all-mother and is as much interested in the growth of the weed as in the growth of the flower. 

This is true of man as it is of all living things. Unavoidable ancestral ignorance, generations of schooling in false prudery, impressions that man differs in sex development and activities from all other animals, have prevented a ready acceptance of the fact that man in nature un-controlled, unguided, fills his brain with thought weeds, his higher psychic life with useless fears and distorts his mental vision of the sex structure of human society. Allowing " Nature to have its own way ' ' in the growth and development of sex life in man and woman is to permit some of the many forms of sexual distortion or inversion to take root in early childhood. 

These may range from simple indifference to fright; from over-accentuation to physiological disturbance. Eventually, these abnormal conditions become rank growths and drag down morale stability, crowd out clean and incisive thinking, make life a constant existence of mental torture and cause those myriad conditions of physical and nervous unrest which are so evident today. And the great point is that their deep origin is generally unrecognized by the sufferers. For this reason, the opportunities, the knowledge, to understand and correct by aiding Nature as she demonstrates the basic laws of life, have been absent.

 These biologic laws we cannot interfere with any more than we interfere with the early evidence of life in the seeds we plant in the Spring, But as these growths continue the wise farmer or gardener steps in and weeds, prunes, trains and watches, knowing Nature will not look after the welfare of the flowers or fruit, crops or vegetables, to the exclusion of weeds. It is my purpose in the following pages to show how the mental weeds of a personal nature in man and woman start, how the brain cells are packed and crowded with harmful impressions, how it is impossible to get the best out of us under such stultifying conditions. I endeavour to show why it must be clearly understood that suppression or denial of any or all sexual activity, ignorance of their slightest demonstration or morbid concentration upon these natural phenomena are states which cause faulty adjustment of the human-machine — brain and body, morals and intellect. 

The most pleasing part of my labour is the fact that I can assure those of adult and middle age they can be free from most of those worries harassing them, regain health, understand the real causes of their many depressions, and why drugs, medicines and other outside treatments are useless and often injurious. Also, that parents and teachers can protect future men and women from the errors we too long have accepted as truths. I have no excuse to offer for my plain language, the avoidance of euphemism or the fact that the book is free from technical expressions. 

What I say is based upon the latest scientific knowledge and a professional experience of many years. I hope to reach and help the mass of worried and self-fearing men and women, youths and maids; for no thinking person will deny that some time during their growing or active life intense self-questions have risen, shocks have been received and terrifying moments endured. But what is not generally known is that subcon- sciously these states have left mental scars which at times cause unnecessary mental pain, worry and distress.

Contents of the book:

Worry and the primitive sources of Nature - Is Chastity Consistent with Health - The Worry over the Fear of Becoming Impoten-  The Sexual Problems of the Neurasthenic - Why You Worry over Unknown Fears-  Internal Sex Forces and Their Effect upon Efficiency -How Emotions — Fear, Anger, Love, Jealousy — Cause Injury to Bodily Health - Character and Sexuality 

Author: William Lee Howard
 Publication Date: 1915

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