English Translation of the Quran PDF book Translated by Muhammad Ali

English Translation of the Quran- translated by Muhammad Ali

English translation of the Holy Quran, originally by Maulana Muhammad Ali (1951 edition), edited in 2010 by Dr Zahid Aziz with updated language and abridged notes.
Maulana Muhammad Ali's English translation of the Quran was the first English translation by a Muslim to be available generally, and the first Muslim translation published in the West, in 1917.

It included a comprehensive commentary: discussing meanings of Arabic words, reviewing earlier interpretations, citing authorities wherever he differed with previous views, removing misconceptions about Islam and refuting objections raised by Western criticism.

Later Muslim translators, such as Pickthall, Yusuf Ali, and Muhammad Asad, benefitted greatly from this pioneering work. "Pickthall's work is not very much more than a revision of the Ahmadiyya [M. Ali] version" — The Muslim World, July 1931.

The English translation of the Holy Quran with extensive explanatory footnotes, by Maulana Muhammad Ali (d. 1951), was first published in 1917. It was the first English translation and commentary by a Muslim to be generally available in the world. The 1917 and several subsequent editions were printed in England and distributed from the Muslim mission at the Woking Mosque in England. This work remained the only Muslim English translation for several years. It was widely acclaimed as being an accurate, faithful, and true rendering, one which was desperately needed. It influenced all the major later English translations. Maulana Muhammad Ali's translation was not merely an academic or literary exercise. It was done to refute the vast mass of misrepresentations of Islam by its Western critics, to convey the faith-reviving and heart-inspiring light of Islam to the world, to show how Islamic teachings are applicable to solving the problems of modern times, and to teach and guide both the Western-educated Muslims and English-speaking new Muslim converts. Towards the end of his life, Maulana Muhammad Ali thoroughly revised his translation and commentary, the revised edition being published in 1951. The translation was made simpler and the commentary was brought up to date with the changed circumstances prevailing after the Second World War.
نرجمة القران للانجليزى ترجمه موثقه

 Publication Date:1951 

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