Courage PDF Self-help book by Charles Wagner (1903)

Courage PDF Self-help book by Charles Wagner (1903)


Goethe declares in the idealized history of his life that " what we desire in our youth we possess abundantly in our old age." An astonishing saying, and one which seems inconsistent with truth; but if we look at it more closely, such is not the case.

Man, indeed, applies himself with an ardor to the pursuit of that which he desires; and, whether his ambition be noble or the reverse, it is seldom that he does not end by fulfilling it, in part at least. Our life is eventually stamped by our ideal. No one, therefore, can watch the tendency of his desires too carefully. What we most often lack in youth is the knowledge of what it is wisest to desire. To wish for vain things is to take a will- o'-the-wisp for our guide along the road.

How many of us have wandered in this way after these uncertain lanthorns, which promised happiness and but led us into the swamps! I should like to make you desire the things that are real, that are worth being loved and acquired by stress and toil; and among all these things there is nothing to be compared with force. Force is itself a virtue, and by virtue, I understand every power that excites in us intenser life, and joy, and hope. The history of ancient Greece tells us of a young man brought up among women, dressed in the garments of women, from whom, by reason of their timorous solicitude, they sought to hide the fact that he was a man.

 But one day the trumpet call to war was sounded in his presence. At once all the artificial trappings of his effeminate education fell, and his true soul stood revealed. Our every-day existence often has the effect of making us forget who we are. It smothers us, according to our lot, beneath sparkling gewgaws or sordid rags, either of which is unworthy of us. But there are calls that awake the soul; may this book accomplish this purpose for you!


How to acquire force.--The value of life.--Obedience.--Simplicity.--The inward watch.--Heroic education.--Difficult beginnings.--Effort and work.--Faithfulness.--Gaiety.--Manly honour.--The feeble.--Fear.--The struggle.--The spirit of defence.- the healing power of beneficence.--Sursum corda

Author: Charles Wagner
 Publication Date:1903

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