Can Man Change The Climate? PDF book by P. Borisov (1973) Climate_change

Can Man Change The Climate? PDF book by P. Borisov (1973) Translated from the Russian by V. Levinson

Can Man Change The Climate? PDF book

From the introduction
a number of objections that had been raised against it. However, a good deal of it is still debatable and obscure.
The reaction of Nature over vast territories to the change in glaciation of the Arctic Basin cannot as yet be determined, nor can this reaction be taken for granted. For example, in the 1930s-1940s, when the glaciation of the northern seas sharply decreased, the level of the Caspian Sea dropped drastically, while that of the Aral Sea rose.

 We are uncertain as to what will happen if we do away with permafrost, etc. The many questions that must be answered to solve so tremendous a problem as the planetary melioration of the climate can scarcely be enumerated. However, there are reasons to assert that this problem is acquiring a very real and tangible substance.

Doubtless, the reader will be greatly interested in this book. The author’s research has made a great contribution to the advancement of this question.

Contents of the book:
  • The Troubles of Our Climate
  • Climates in the Distant Past
  • Climates of the Recent Past
  • Climates of the Closest Past
  • Modern Warming of the Arctic
  • Causes of the Changes in Climate
  • The Laws of Climatic Change World Ocean, Sea Currents and Their Role in Forming the Climate
  • Improvement of Global and Regional Climatic Conditions. Evolution of Ideas
  • Is the Polar Gulf Stream Possible?
  • A Gulf Stream in the Arctic Basin
  • A Gulf Stream in the Pacific Ocean
  • First Stages of Climatic Amelioration
  • Practical Implementation Problems
  • Further Prospects of Climatic Amelioration
  • Conclusion
  • Literature

Author:P. Borisov
 Publication Date:1973

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