An introduction to the Korean spoken language PDF book (1914)

An introduction to the Korean spoken language PDF book (1914 ) by Horace Grant Underwood

An introduction to the Korean spoken language PDF


It was hardly expected when this volume saw the light of day in 1889 that so many years would pass before it was supplemented by something more elaborate and better and it is only the fact that nothing else has been prepared to take its place and that the author has been so beseeched for a new edition that has led us to issue this second edition.

We have sought advice and help and suggestions for changes on every hand and regret very much that the press of work has hindered others from giving us the assistance that would have made this book of much more value to the student of Korean. In the present edition, the author is glad to say that he has had the assistance of his son who went over the revision of the book with the enthusiasm of a new student of the language.

We regret that more changes have not been made because we feel that the imperfections of the book would have warranted a more thorough revision of the book, but a careful review of all the parts with the assistance of some of the best Korean scholars available did not result in more than what is seen in this new edition. There are one or two appendices that have been added which will contribute not a little to the study of the language The use of the book we believe will be very much enhanced by the alphabetical indices; one, a general index in English and the other an index of grammatical forms in Korean.

Author: Horace Grant Underwood
 Publication Date:1914
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