Your brain is God by Timothy Leary PDF book

Your brain is God

Contents of the book:

1. Do- It- Yourself Theology 5 2. Sacramental Ritual 7 3. Eight Craftsof God 14 4. Origins 18 5. Predator-Prey Politics 21 6. Epistemology 27 7. Ethics 32 8. Esthetics 35 9. Ontology 39 10. Evolution 41 11. Ultimates 47 12. Tools of Experimental Theology 49 13. Planning a Session 56 14. The Psychedelic Guide 62 15. Ego Loss 65 16. Imprinting the Taoist Experience 69 17. Psychedelic Prayers 73 18. You Are a God, Act Like One 85 19. LSD as a Sacrament 90 20. A Holy Mess 99 Live your highest vision

Brain Change Taboo Our problem typical of the time- travel agents dealing with primitive cultures was that a dramatic change in neurology must be gently introduced in the language a culture traditionally uses for those "mysterious, unknown, higher powers" which its science has not yet explained. A review of 20^^ Century literature showed that there was obviously a strong taboo against "brain- change. " By 1960, indeed, the brain had replaced the genitals as the forbidden organ that must not be touched or turned on by the owner.

Activating the Divinity Within Though it might be against the law for responsible American citizens to use psychoactive plants and drugs to change their brains, surely 400 years of Western civilization must support the right of Americans to worship the divinity within, using sacraments that worked for them. We studied the meaning of the word sacrament usually defined as something that relates one to the divinity. One of the most offensive, flaky characteristics of 1960s acid- users was their compulsion to babble about new visions of God, new answers to the Ultimate Secret of the Universe.

Author: Timothy Leary
 Publication Date 2000

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