Yoga - As Philosophy and Religion PDF - by Surendranath Dasgupta

Yoga - As Philosophy and Religion 

Yoga - As Philosophy and Religion


This little volume is an attempt at a brief exposition of the philosophical and religious doctrines found in Patanjali's Yoga-sutra as explained by its successive commentaries of Vyasa, Vacaspati, Vijiiana Bhikshu, and others. The exact date of Pataiija] I cannot be definitely ascertained, but if his identity with the other Patafijali, the author of the Great Commentary (Mahiibhashya) on Panini's grammar, could be conclusively established, there would be some evidence in our hands that he lived in 150 B.C. 

I have already discussed this subject in the first volume of my A History of Indian Philosophy, where the conclusion to which I arrived was that, while there was some evidence in favour of their identity, there was nothing that could be considered as being conclusively against it. The term Yoga, according to Patanjali's definition, means the final annihilation (nirodha) of all the mental states (cittavrtti) involving the preparatory stages in which the mind has to be habituated to being steadied into particular types of graduated mental states.


The book I - Yoga Metaphysics:
1. Prakriti
2. Purusha
3. The Reality of the External World
4. The Process of Evolution
5. The Evolution of the Categories
6. Evolution and Change of Qualities
7. Evolution and God
Book II - Yoga Ethics and Practice:
8. Mind and the Moral States
9. The Theory of Karma
10. The Ethical Problem
11. Yoga Practice
12. The Yogangas
13. Stages of Samadhi
14. God in Yoga
15. Matter and Mind

Surendranath Dasgupta 
 Publication Date:1924


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