Under Western Eyes - PDF novel by Joseph Conrad

Under Western Eyes

Under Western Eyes
Under Western Eyes

Review by Michael Cayley

One of Conrad's masterpieces. First published in 1911, it was a major influence on spy fiction of the second half of the 20th century, including John Le Carré. Its main characters are involved to a greater or lesser extent in Russian revolutionary politics of the later 19th century. Victor Haldin, having assassinated a Russian government minister, takes refuge in the rooms of a student, Razumov, whom he believes will be sympathetic and assist his escape

This novel is considered to be one of Conrad's major works and is close in subject matter to The Secret Agent. It is full of cynicism and conflict about the historical failures of revolutionary movements and ideals. Conrad remarks in this book, as well as others, on the irrationality of life, the opacity of character,

the unfairness with which suffering is inflicted upon the innocent and poor and the careless disregard for the lives of those with whom we share existence.

Author: Joseph Conrad  
Publication Date: 1911

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