The witching hour by Augustus Thomas Free PDF Novel

The witching hour by Augustus Thomas Free PDF Novel

Witching Hour,  by Augustus M. Thomas (1907). Jack Brookfield, a professional gambler, in whose rooms the play opens, is believed by his friends to be possessed of an extraordinary personal magnetism. It is said that this gift is shared by his sister, Mrs. Campbell and her daughter Viola. The interior decorations of Brookfield’s magnificent house have been planned by Clay Whipple, who is in love with Viola. On seeing that a rival of his is talking earnestly to her at the opera, he proposes to her and is accepted. He kills a man accidentally at the house of Jack Brookfield and is charged with murder by Frank Hardmuth, the assistant District Attorney, who had been talking to Viola at the opera, and who now asks Jack Brookfield for support in his love suit. Brookfield declines to attempt to influence his niece.

Author: Augustus Thomas
 Publication Date:1907

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