The theory of advertising by Walter Dill Scott, PDF Applied Psychology book ( with Illustrations)

The theory of advertising; a simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising

 Walter Dill  Scott

Excerpt from the author's introduction
the typical businessman is an optimist. For him, the future is full of possibilities that never have beef! realized in the pst. He is not, however, a daydreamer, but one^who uses his imagination in formulating purposes that lead to immediate action. His power of execution often surpasses that of his imagination, and he is frequently surprised to see his vision realized in less time than he had even dared to hope.

The advertiser may well be regarded as typical of the class of American businessmen. At a time when advertisements were poorly constructed and given limited circulation, certain enterprising men saw the possibilities of advertising and began systematically to improve the whole profession of advertising.

Artists were employed to construct appropriate illustrations, and skilled typographers vied with each other in setting up the text in the most artistic and legible manner possible. The business system was used in ascertain- ing the amount of circulation of various publications as well as the kind of circulation. Advertisements were keyed, and other means were employed to discover the exact value of each style of advertisements and of each medium in which advertisements were inserted.

Contents of the book

I. The Theory of^dvertising 1

"II. Attention 46

III. Association of Ideas. 34

IV. ' Suggestion* ' 47

V. The Direct Command ' 62

-ATI. Che Psychological Value of the Return Coupon) 79

^VII. Fusion 96

VIII. psychological Experiment^. ....... 116

IX. , Perception 130

X.Apperception 147

XI. Illusions of Perception^ 162

XII. 'Illusions of Apperception -, 175

XIII. Personal Differences in Mental Imagery . . . 194

XIV. 'Practical Application of Mental Imagery . . . 208

XV. Conclusion 229

Author: Walter Dill  Scott
Publication Date:1904

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