The Story of Chemistry (1930) PDF book by Floyd L. Darrow (with illustrations)

The Story of Chemistry (1930) PDF book by Floyd L. Darrow 

The Story of Chemistry (1930) PDF book


For everyone who wishes to be informed on the most practical of sciences, a science that touches modern life at every point, Mr. Darrow has written this authoritative book.

Here is a coherent development of the subject, leading logically from the days of the alchemist to the most recent researches. It is almost entirely free from the chemical formulae, equations, and mathematical expressions so forbidding to the non-technical reader.

With its graphic style and numerous illustrations, it presents a swift-running, entertaining, and instructive story of a strategic science. Floyd L. Darrow, who is a prominent figure in the world of chemists and the author of several books that enjoy a national reputation is constantly in touch with the progress made in his field. As a result, The Story of Chemistry is the most nearly down-to-date book on the subject for the general reader.

Years of experience as a teacher have taught him how to present his material in a form readily understood by everyone, and that skill combined with a broad and comprehensive grasp of the subject both past and present makes this book of vital importance in the acquisition of a liberal education. This dollar edition is reprinted absolutely unabridged from the plates of the original edition, published over two years ago, and the reduction in price is now made possible by their use.

Author: Floyd L. Darrow 
 Publication Date:1930

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