The Stoics (1975) by F. H Sandbach ,Free PDF eBook

Download The Stoics by  F. H Sandbach Free PDF eBook 1975

Download The Stoics by  F. H Sandbach Free PDF eBook
Contents of the book:
Introduction - The Founder -The System: Ethics - The System: Natural Science -The System: Logic - Fate and Free Will, Providence and Evil
- Personalities of the Earlier Stoa - Innovation: Panaetius and Posidonius - Stoics and Politics - The Later Stoics

An excerpt from the author's introduction:
STOICISM, a philosophical system which originated at the beginning of the third century BC, was an intellectual and social influence of prime importance for five centuries; after that its effects are evident in many Christian writers, and since the Renaissance, its teaching has affected both philosophers and thoughtful men in search of a guide to life.

  In the late nineteenth century, the German philosopher Dilthey wrote that it had been 'the strongest and most lasting influence that any philosophic ethic had been able to achieve'. Not only the ethics of the Stoics but other parts also of their philosophy have been influential, as Dilthey himself did much to show. But it is for ethics that they have been best known and it is about their ethics that we are best informed; accordingly, this book emphasizes that aspect of their work. To trace their influence in later times is beyond my competence; I have attempted to write about them as they were and to sketch their position in the ancient world.

I have greatly profited from the generous help of several persons, for whose aid I am deeply grateful. My wife and my son made me understand some at least of the needs of readers without a classical background; Professor I.G. Kidd took much trouble over his helpful comments on the section which deals with Posidonius; Mr. H J. Easterling read the whole and offered valuable criticisms and suggestions. Finally, Professor Moses Finley's acute and constructive scrutiny of the last draft did much to improve both accuracy and clarity. For faults and errors that remain and for any controversial opinions expressed the responsibility is entirely mine. Cambridge, 1975 F.H.S.

Author: F. H Sandbach -
 Publication Date: 1975
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