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Reason And Experience (1947) PDF book by W .H. Walsh

Reason And Experience (1947) PDF book by W. H. Walsh

Reason And Experience (1947)

The work which follows can be taken, at the discretion of the reader, either as an introduction to the theory of knowledge in general, or as a discussion of some leading features of the type of epistemological theory advocated by Kant It answers in some way to both descriptions It is a Kantian study in so far as it arose out of a detailed examination of the Critique of Pure Reason, originally undertaken with a view to the production of a more technical work than this, and in so far as the problems, Kant raised (and to a great extent, too, the solutions he offered of them) determine the general shape of the book But it aims at being something more than a Kantian commentary m the narrow sense I have tried to occupy myself not only with questions of interpretation, but also with questions of truth, and to that end have attempted to see the problems \

I examine against the background of the general development of modem philosophy, and on occasion even of that of ancient philosophy too,

 As a result, I have been led m places into an extensive discussion of the views of both the predecessors and the successors of Kant, in particular, those of Hume and Hegel My excuse for casting my net so wide (a procedure which I hope will not meet with universal condemnation) is that I do not see that any discussion of the problems of knowledge, whatever the level of sophistication on which it proceeds, can avoid consideration of the types of view represented by these three writers Certainly those questions which I myself find most difficult m the subject — the problems of the origin and status of a priori concepts, and of the comparative value of alternative sets of such concepts — spring directly from the topics with which Hume, Kant, and Hegel are mainly concerned.

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