The Spartan- PDF novel by Caroline Dale Snedeker

The Spartan Novel

The Spartan Novel 1912 by Caroline Dale
The Spartan Novel 1912 
Aristodemos is a young Athenian boy whose father Lycos was a singer and friend of the famous poet Pindar, and his mother Makaria was a Spartan runner. As the book opens, Lycus has died, so Makaria is taking her son and their slaves back to her native Sparta so that Aristodemos can become the adopted son of her brother Gylippos. 

There the boy is trained like a Spartan soldier, although his Athenian spirit chafes under the Stoic discipline. His squad leader is Leonidas, and the two become close friends as Aristodemos grows into manhood. During this time, Aristodemos buys a slave boy who appears to be of noble birth and adopts him as his son with the name Mendi.

Eventually, Leonidas becomes King, and Aristodemos is one of the famous 300 Spartan soldiers who follow Leonidas to hold the pass of Thermopylae when the Persians invade Greece. Leonidas sends Aristodemos on a spy mission to discern the strength of the Persian army

and many surprises will happen

 Publication Date: Caroline Dale Snedeker



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