The history of Mr. Polly (1909) PDF Novel by H. G. Wells

The history of Mr. Polly

The history of Mr. Polly

The protagonist of The History of Mr. Polly is an antihero inspired by H. G. Wells's early experiences in the drapery trade: Alfred Polly, born circa 1870, a timid and directionless young man living in Edwardian England, who despite his own bumbling achieves contented serenity with little help from those around him. Mr. Polly's most striking characteristic is his "innate sense of epithet", which leads him to coin hilarious expressions like "the Shoveacious Cult" for "sunny young men of an abounding and elbowing energy" and "dejected Angelos" for the ornaments of Canterbury Cathedral

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The History of Mr. Polly is the story of Alfred Polly who was not properly educated and is apprenticed in his late teens to a drapery store. He does not like this line of work but he is forced to do it as he has no other qualifications. At the Drapery store, he makes friends with fellow assistants Platt and Parsons. But this friendship breaks when Parson is fired from work after assaulting the manager.

I Beginnings, and the Bazaar
II Dismissal of Parsons.
III Cribs,
IV Mr. Polly an Orphan.
V Mr. Polly takes a Vacation
VI Miriam.
VII The Little Shop at Fishbourne
VIII Making an End to Things
IX The Powell Inn . . .
X Miriam Revisited..


Author: H. G. Wells
Publication Date: 1909

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