The game of life - PDF by Timothy Leary

The game of life

Timothy Leary

From introduction:

This is an important book to those of us who wish to understand and participate in the acceleration of our own evolution and that of our divergent human family. The science of exo-psychology, which analyzes human affairs from an extraterrestrial (future) viewpoint, here links up with ancient, pre-scientific psychologies which were so unique that they all but disappeared into the occult (meaning "hidden") traditions, and have suffered distortions and loss to the scientific community until now.

Before you read how Dr Leary relates the 22 trumps of the Medieval Tarot deck, the 12 "sun signs" of astrology and the 8 trigrams of the Chinese Book of Changes (/Ching) to the evolving periodic table (here spiral) of elements, the ethological concept of castes, and, most importantly, to the next quantum leap in human consciousness (as well as the next several down the line), I want to back up a bit and reiterate two basic principles of exo-psychology.

Recapitulation that ontogeny repeats phytogeny. This concept is easily demonstrated in the development of the human embryo (which at various times has gills and a tail) but seldom extended to the whole lifespan of the individual as here. 

You will find in Game of Life, as in Intelligence Agents and Exo-psychology, not only the idea that evolution is proceeding into pre-programmed post-human stages which will carry us off this planet, but also that some human beings are (have always been) literally ahead of their times in having activated what Dr Leary calls "circuits" of their nervous systems years or even centuries ahead of general human development. Recapitulation is thus only a part of a genetic process that throws ("castes") out fatigue as well as antique forms. This would explain the development pre-scientifically of concepts now being explored in such modern sciences as human ethology (sociology) and quantum physics.

Imprinting The idea that during preprogrammed periods in an individual's development the organism is open to fixating on certain behaviours is still mainly confined to animal psychology (Konrad Lorenz). That this might extend to human behaviours is only now being investigated by such researchers as Dr. Marshall Klaus of Cleveland and psychologist Donna Kontos of Toronto, who appear to be amassing evidence that human infants (and mothers) experience a period of heightened suggestibility following birth in which both baby and mother will imprint each other as love/care objects or in which both gain the impression, through hospital procedures, that the other is not really there for hir.

If you put these two ideas together, you can see the possibility that, from a genetic point of view, a whole species might experience periods of great suggestibility during which it might make great leaps ahead in intelligence learn to make fire, develop a planetary perspective. The timeliness of this book is in the context of the dominance in Southern California the last terrestrial frontier of what Dr. Leary once called "suntanned, graceful, sensory-equipped, yogic" Fifth Circuit (see Part III) individuals. As a result of his insight that this flowering of beauty and self-actualization is not the end of human evolution (nor a mere sign of Western decadence), Dr Leary points to the next step a fusion of human energies to lift life off the planet and thus open up the ecological and economic system of Sol 3. The human species is accelerating to escape velocity.

Author: Timothy Leary
Publication Date:1979

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