The game of draw-poker, mathematically illustrated ( 1875) Free PDF eBook

The game of draw-poker

game of draw-poker, mathematically illustrated

The game of draw-poker mathematically illustrated: being a complete treatise on the game, giving the prospective value of each hand before and after the draw, and the true method of discarding and drawing, with a thorough analysis and insight of the game as played at the present day by gentlemen

Excerpt from the introduction:

In concluding these prefatory remarks, it may be looked upon as an omission if no reference be made to, an important element in the game known as "Bluffing." In former days, when the betting was unlimited, this was frequently the determining feature of a hand, no matter what the cards were; and to bluff an opponent,- while holding yourself "nary pair," was the pinnacle of ambition at which all players aimed. In modern Poker, however, bluffing is secondary in consequence of the numerous 'restrictions that are imposed on it. Notwithstanding, in the hands of a judicious player, it will always remain a power that must, under no circumstances, be slighted. To convey to the reader an adequate conception of precisely what it is and how and when it is to be used, would necessitate the invention of a new language, more copious and communicative than our present mother tongue. We have nevertheless, at various points throughout the volume, given hints as to its use, trusting to the skill and experience of the reader to thoroughly develop it a^ occasion demands.

Author: Winterblossom, Henry T. Hardeen  
Publication  Date 1875

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