PDF book: The Jews Among The Greeks And Romans By Max Radin 1916

PDF book: The Jews Among The Greeks And Romans By Max Radin 1916

The Jews Among The Greeks And Romans By Max Radin

Excerpt from the author's introduction

It is a counsel of perfection that any historical study should be approached with complete detachment. To such detachment I can make all the less claim as I freely admit an abiding reverence for the history of my own people, and, for the life of ancient Greece and Rome, a passionate affection that is frankly unreasoning.

At no place in the course of the following pages have I been consciously apologetic. It is true that where several explanations of an incident are possible, I have not always selected the one most discreditable to the Jews. Doubtless, that will not be forgiven me by those who have accepted the anti-Semitic pamphlets of Willrich as serious contributions to historical research. The literature on the subject is enormous. Very few references to what is known as secondary'' sources will, however, be found in this book.

A short bibliography is appended, in which various books of reference are cited. From these, all who are interested in the innumerable controversies that the subject has elicited may obtain full information. There remains the grateful task of acknowledging my personal indebtedness to my friend. Dr. Ernst Riess, for many valuable suggestions. Above all, I desire to express my indebtedness to President Solo¬ mon Schechter, of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, at whose instance the preparation of this book was undertaken. Those who share with me the privilege of his friendship will note in more than one turn of expression and thought the impress of that rich personality.

Contents of The book:

Introduction .. 1. 13 1. Greek Religious Concepts. 21 II. Roman Religious Concepts. 40 III. Greek and Roman Concepts of Race. 48 IV. Sketch of Jewish History between Nebuchadnez¬ zar and Constantine. 56 V. Internal Development of the Jews during the Persian Period. 66 VI. The First Contact between Greek and Jew. 76 VII. Egypt. go VIII. Jews in Ptolemaic Egypt. 104 IX. The Struggle against Greek Culture in Palestine 118 X. Antiochus the Manifest God. 135 XI. Jewish Propaganda. 148 XII. The Opposition. 163 XIII. The Opposition in Its Social Aspect. 176 XIV. The Philosophic Opposition. 191 XV. The Romans. 210 XVI. I Jews in Rome during the Early Empire. 236 XVII. The Jews of the Empire till the Revolt.257 XVIII. The Revolt of 68 c. e . 287 XIX. The Development of the Roman Jewish Community. 304 XX. The Final Revolts of the Jews. 328 XXL The Legal Position of the Jews in the Later Empire. 350 Summary. 368 Notes. 373 Bibliography .415 Index. 417

Author: Max Radin Publication Date:1916

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