Norway and its fjords 1907 PDF book by M. A. Wyllie (With Illustrations)

Norway and its fjords 1907

Norway and its fjords 1907 pdf book
Sisters from Norway included in the book 


There are many ways of seeing Norway, — by liner, fjord steamer, yacht, or on foot. Perhaps it is possible to see most and to learn most by walking, and the help of the post steamer. But then time is needed, and time nowadays goes quicker than of yore, so that I am inclined to think that our way was the best, namely, boarding the Vectis, as she lay in midstream on the Thames, with bag and baggage. One feels like the snail whose shell forms a part of him, that in this great big ship " Home " was always at hand, which added greatly to both pleasure and comfort.

 It was wonderful to see how men and women, who had come on board more or less weary and jaded from too hard a London season, overworked from a long session in Parliament or in office, revived after a day or two spent at sea. They lay drowsily extended in various positions of comfort on their chairs on the broad white after-deck, the happy moment after lunch; too soon to get to work or play, the tremor of the great screw acting as the mother"'s a foot on the cradle rocker.

The deck was partly in shadow, partly in sunlight, with a delightful breeze ruffling the surface of the blue sea, and the long white wake streaming away to the horizon. Care was left behind. The stress and hurry of everyday life, like the ship's wake, receded in the distance. We looked calm enough now, basking in the sun with no thought of to-morrow, content to drink in the invigorating forces of air, sea, and sky.

The ship's kittens gamboled silently, dodging in and out under the chairs of the sleepers; every now and then the gong throbbed as the watching figure in the bow, standing like a black statue, caught sight of a ship to port or starboard.

A fjord is a deep, narrow, and elongated sea or lake drain, with steep land on three sides. The opening toward the sea is called the mouth of the fjord and is often shallow. The fjord's inner part is called the sea bottom.

Author: M. A. Wyllie

 Publication Date:1907

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