Naples ,past and present - PDF by Arthur H. Norway

Naples , past and present 

Naples ( Napoli ), past and present

I have designed this book not as a guide, but as supplementary to a guide. The best of guide-books even that of Murray or of Gsell-Fels leaves a whole world of thought and knowledge untouched, being true of necessity so full of detail that broad, general views can scarcely be obtained from it. In this work, detail has been sacrificed without hesitation. I have omitted reference to a few well-known places, usually because I could add nothing to the information given in the handbooks, but in one or two cases because the considerations which they raised lay too far from the thread of my discourse. I have thrown together in the form of an appendix such hints and suggestions as seemed likely to assist anyone who desires wider information than I have given.

ON a fine spring morning when the sun, which set last night in gold and purple behind the jagged mountain chain of Corsica, had but just climbed high enough to send out shafts and flashes of soft light across the opalescent sea, I came upon the deck of the great steamer which carried me from Genoa to watch for the first opening of the Bay of Naples. It was so early that the decks were very quiet. There was no sound but the perpetual soft rustle of the wave shed off from the bow of the steamer, which slipped on silently without a sense of motion.

Naples ( Napoli ) , past and present ( 1901 )

by  Arthur H. Norway 
Illustration by Arthur G.  Ferard
Publication Date:1901

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