Mysto Magic by A. C. Gilbert (1919) PDF book with Illustrations (magic tricks)

Mysto Magic by A. C. Gilbert (1919) PDF book with Illustrations 

Mysto Magic

Excerpt from the Author's introduction

I really believe that you will find this book about the most interesting and fascinating that you have ever read. Everyone admires the skill of the professional magician because we realize that it requires quickness of mind and quickness of hand in order to successfully deceive the audience. You have all seen the entertainer who in full sight of the audience seemingly extracted balls, flowers, ribbon, cards, and many other objects from the atmosphere and exclaimed, “How did he do it ?”

I propose in the pages of this Manual to show you just how he aids it and, furthermore, to make it possible for you to do it just as skillfully and cleverly as he. The various illusions, sleight of hand, palming tricks, etc., are fully illustrated ana every step in the trick explained, and with a little practice, you will soon be able to do it in a perfect manner. Bear in mind, however, that in order to acquire the dexterity of the profession it takes patience and practice. This is particularly true of card and coin tricks.

This instruction book is designed for the benefit of the amateur performer and, of course, in giving an entertainment at your home to a party of friends it could be made very much more interesting if you are able to deliver the “lecture” or talk which you will find on pages 53 to 61. You. should learn this by heart up that you can recite it easily, smoothly, and with the right action. You must acquire If good "delivery" just like any public speaker.

Mysto Magic by A. C. Gilbert (1919) pdf

When I was a young fellow I was very much interested in this subject and acquired so much skill at it that I frequently gave entertainments, and my services became in demand at a substantial fee. I believe that anyone who learns how to do these various tricks with faculty and who gets some practice in appearing even before a small audience will be greatly benefited, as you will acquire after a bit of practice poise and smoothness which will stand you in good stead.

  Later on, if you should take up professional work or become active in public life you may be required to address audiences. I know it was of considerable help to me and since those early days I have not hesitated to speak before a very large assembly, and because of that training, I have been able to say something to them which proved Interesting and entertaining. Inasmuch as each trick is very carefully explained m word or picture there is nothing more I can say to help you perfect yourself in your performances except to repeat “Practice l- — Practice!" You will be surprised how quickly you will acquire dexterity in “doing" any one of the tricks, and when you have acquired this dexterity you will find that your audience will become delighted and pleased with your entertainment.
Yours very truly,

Author: A. C. Gilbert
 Publication Date: 1919

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