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Miracle of the Age: The Great Pyramid of Gizeh ( Giza ) 1948 Free PDF book

Miracle of the Age The Great Pyramid

The dimensions of the Great Pyramid, wherever quoted, either as a whole or in part, are based on the sterling measurements of Sir Flinders Petrie, and their absolute verification as done scientifically by D. Davidson. In the materials found in the appendix, credit is given to D. Davidson, H. W. J. Senior, Piazzi Smyth, and Sir Flinders Petrie. The author wishes to express herein his deep appreciation of the masterly works of the fol- lowing writers, to whom the world of to-day is indebted for most of its authentic knowledge of the marvels of the Great Pyramid, and to make grateful acknowledgment of the assistance their excellent volumes have been to him in the pursuit of his studies and in the compilation of this book: To D. Davidson of Leeds, England, and his late collaborator, H. Aldersmith, whose eminently scientific and scholarly volume,  ‘ The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message, is a con- stant companion aud ceaseless source of infor- mation and inspiration; to Professor Piazzi Smyth, late Astronomer Royal of Scotland, and his text, “Our Inheritance in the Great Pyra- mid”; to the late Doctor Joseph A. Siess of Philadelphia, author of “ A Miracle in Stone ’; to Morton Edgar of Glasgow, Scotland, for three of his splendid works, “The Great Pyramid, Its Scientific Features”, “The Great Pyr- amid, Its Time Features” and “The Great Pyramid, Its Spiritual Symbolism”; to Charles

Miracle of the Age: The Great Pyramid
Knight and his volume, “The Mystery and Prophecy of the Great Pyramid”; to the late Judge Thomas Troward of India and England, able and learned metaphysician, and his several volumes; and to Genevieve Behrend, an only personal pupil of Judge Troward. Thru the courtesy of Genevieve Behrend, the author has had the good fortune to have had at his command Judge Troward ’s excellent, voluminous, and for the greater part altogether unpublished, notes on the Great Pyramid, on which Tro- ward-based his lectures on that subject in Lon- don in 1912, just prior to his return to Ruan Manor, Cornwall, to give two years of intensive, personal instruction to Genevieve Behrend. Grateful mention is also happily made of the works of the following authors: John Taylor of London, one of the very first to correctly interpret some of the Great Pyramid’s true message, General Howard Vyse, Colonel Garnier, John Greaves, Nathaniel Davison, Sir Flinders Petrie, and others of no less prominence, whose ceaseless labors have been instrumental in shedding more light upon “The Great Pyramid of Gizeh, the Miracle of the Ages.”

Miracle of the Age: The Great Pyramid

The First Wonder of the World the ancients, in conferring upon the Great Pyramid of Gizeh the predominant distinction of being the first of the Seven Wonders of the World, perchance chose more wisely than they themselves realized. Even now in our modern-day, based strictly on the face value of the exhibits at hand, and despite the rapid strides in the dissemination of learning and the resultant progress among many peoples of many lands, the same unique and exalted honor can be ascribed to the marvelous structure of antiquity with equal aptness and claim to its being a worthy and just award. It is very probable that there is no single, man-made object on the face of the earth today which is attracting widespread attention, and captivating the interest of so many earnest people, as is the case of the Great Pyramid. Especially is this fact applicable to the so-called Christian nations whose members compose approximately one- third of the total population of the earth; and the statement is particularly true of the English-speaking races, consisting in the main of the British Empire and the United States of America, the Great Pyramid directing as it does a most significant message to the Anglo- Saxons.

Contents of the book:

I. The First Wonder of the World ... 21

II. A Great Library in Stone 24

III. On the Trail of Mystery and Genius. 38

IV. A Journey to the Great Shrine ... 59

V. Exploring for Treasure 80

VI. An Oracle Never Failing 94

VII. More Light on a Magnificent Vision. 106

VIII. Shepherd Kings and Anglo-Saxons. .122

IX. From World War to the End of World Depression 136

appendix 154

Author:Worth Smith  Publication Date: 1948 

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