Miracle of the Age -The Great Pyramid of Gizeh - PDF by Worth Smith

Miracle of the Age -The Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Miracle of the Age -The Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Revealing the Message of the Great Pyramid in its Relation to the Present Crisis and the Near Future of the Race and Correlating Bible Prophecies and Ancient Historical References to the Great Pyramid

From the forward:

This volume contains the substance of a series of illustrated lectures dealing with the subject of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh as recently given by the author in a number of the leading cities of the United States of America, notably those of the Pacific Coast area and of the Southwestern and Central portions of the nation, in each instance to splendid groups of earnest students. It is at their kind request that this book is written; the author is grateful to them for the suggestion. In the preparation of this work the author has in view the primary purpose of practical utility. He has endeavored also to combine clarity of presentation with the simplicity of style. 

Toward that end only simple, everyday English is employed, language which all of the average educational attainments may read, easily assimilate, and fully comprehend. The brevity of the text, within certain limits, has been attempted, too; but in dealing with a subject so very comprehensive in scope as that of the Great Pyramid, it being nearly an inexhaustible fountain of re- corded wisdom, it is difficult to feature conciseness of contents and still bring forth the fruits desired. Consequently, this volume has gone quite beyond the range originally contemplated for it. 

A particular effort has been made to avoid matters of an abstruse and technical nature, to omit controversial topics, and to shun conclusions of a chimerical type. Yet the author has tried to retain the prime essentials of authenticity and appeal to the interest of the reader. For the benefit of those readers who do not enjoy having the flow of the reading text broken into, and their concentration more or less disrupted, by the injection of “dry” mathematics, however, simplified the figures maybe, a complete appendix devoted exclusively to some of the astonishing mathematical wonders of the Great Pyramid, is found herein. 

In that portion of the volume, all mathematical materials are reduced to primary arithmetic, no process more difficult than simple proportion being employed. 
The principles and solutions recorded there are vital, since it is only by their use that many of the startling assertions made herein can be proved beyond peradventure of doubt, or cavilling claim that the facts are given are pure coincidence. Mathematics is an exact, or absolute, science, coincidence can not enter into it; principle, and that only, prevails there.


I. The First Wonder of the World ... 21
II. A Great Library in Stone 24
III. On the Trail of Mystery and Genius. 38
IV. A Journey to the Great Shrine ... 59
V. Exploring for Treasure 80
VI. An Oracle Never Failing 94
VII. More Light on a Magnificent Vision. 106
VIII. Shepherd Kings and Anglo-Saxons. .122
IX. From World War to the End of World
Depression 136
appendix 154 

the book details :
  • Author Worth Smith
  • Publication date:1934

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