Greek wit : a collection of smart sayings and anecdotes PDF book

Download Greek wit PDF book: a collection of smart sayings and anecdotes translated from Greek 1881 by  F. A Paley

Greek wit PDF book: a collection of smart sayings and anecdotes

This book contains funny sayings of the Greek philosophers with sources

the little volume of "Greek Wit," though it has been received with mixed praise and blame, yet has met with sufficient success to justify the Publishers in issuing a second series, which was conditionally promised, and which, it is believed, will be found on the whole to contain a better collection of "Sayings" than the former volume.

The truth seems to be, that some who had expected, from the title, a "funny" book — a mere collection of light jokes — were a little disappointed. I had taken care to point out the difference between fun and wit and had also noticed the apparent want of capacity in some persons for really appreciating either the one or the other.

To such, of course, books of this kind will always seem more or less dull. There are others who can see the wit or the point of a few anecdotes, but not of the majority. Not unnaturally, both these regard the selection as " rather a poor one on the whole; " and they think, no doubt (and rightly, according to their own standard), that a good many might be struck out altogether, and that better, i.e., some others more amusing to them, could easily be substituted.
Funny stories and funny sayings by the greek

Author: F. A Paley Publication Date:1881

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