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Sexual knowledge; the knowledge of self and sex in simple language

Sexual knowledge
Sexual knowledge

the knowledge of self and sex in simple language: for the instruction of young people, young wives and young husbands, fathers and mothers, teachers and nurses, and all who feel a need of reliable information on the best way and the best time to impart sexual knowledge to boys and girls

From Introduction:
Those powers of mind and body, which are at the basis of our highest aspirations and ideals, give most joy and happiness when rightly exercised, and most misery and degradation when abused. This is true of the Sex Life as affirmed from the confidences of many hundreds of people who have told the author the story of the lives of their intimate, personal experiences. 

The more we know of life, the more fixed is our conviction of the truth of the general statement that "Out of the heart are the issues of life" as the inner life, so the outer life. The plane of life as a whole is not above the plane of Sex Life in any individual. Many parents instinctively feel the truth of this proposition, and wish to teach their children the great truths of life God's Truths which are beautiful and wonderful, inspiring and ennobling. But our parents have not taught us about these great truths; so we have been groping our way and have made many blunders. 

There is a widespread desire on the part of parents to know the truths of life and to be taught how 10 present them to their children. Mothers are asking what they shall teach their little children, what they shall tell the adolescent girl, and how they may guide the older daughter through the problems of young womanhood. Fathers are asking what they shall tell their boys, and young married people are asking for guidance in home-building and all that that involves. 

As the school is an extension of the home, so the teacher is an extension of the parent perhaps better the teacher is vicarious parent to his or her pupils. Teachers all over the continent are recognizing their professional and moral duty and responsibility to co-operate with parents in teaching high ideals and standards of womanhood and manhood. Social workers of worldwide fame, and educators of international repute, with one accord, recognize that for a transitional period of two or three decades, the Great Truths of Life must be taught in the Schools. We must produce a generation of parents who will teach these truths in the home, the natural place for such teaching. But this necessitates the special preparation of the teacher for this new requirement.

 The author has had this in mind while preparing this book. After many years of study and research, and in the light of many hundreds of personal histories, the author presents here the great truths of life in just the way we would present them to our own sons to guide them through the problems of boyhood, youth, manhood, husbandhood and fatherhood in just the way we would present them to our own daughters to guide them through the problems of girlhood, maidenhood, womanhood, wifehood and motherhood.

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  • Author: Winfield Scott Hall
  • Publication date:1916
  • Company: 
    Philadelphia, The John C. Winston Company

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