By the waters of Germany - PDF by Norma Octavia Lorimer

By the waters of Germany

By the waters of Germany

Excerpt from the introduction

Summer resorts like Frauenalb and Herrenalb; Baden- Baden; Strassburg, the pathetically beautiful capital of forlorn Alsace; Stuttgart, the complacent capital of Wiirttemberg; Nuremberg, the immortally medieval; Rothenburg, the cloistered sister and rustic rival of Nuremberg; and Frankfurt, the venerable cradle of Goethe and the Rothschilds. In the Black Forest, they made a digression to little Freudenstadt, to see the extraordinary friezes of its bent church, which recall, to the few who have ever seen them, the famous friezes on that hospital at Pistoia. This is a bare and frigid enumeration of the chief places visited by these two champion economists in their tour by the waters of Germany.

Miss Lorimer, with her accustomed skill in weaving books, half tale, half travel, gives us a succession of delightful vistas of some of the loveliest scenery and most romantic architecture on the Continent, lightened by the naively disclosed love-story of her youthful German companion. The story is a combination of simplicity and sparkle. calculated to please the reader, who asks, in the first place, to be entertained, more than any of the series since " By the Waters of Sicily." And those who desire an ideal cheap holiday in Germany could not do better than make " By the Waters of Germany " their textbook.


I. Crossing the German Ocean II. By the Waters of Cologne. III. An Unspoiled German Village — Nordeck IV. Pilgrims to Marburg .... V. By the Waters of Marburg. VI. A Romance of a German University. VII. Through the Forest to Nordeck VIII. By the Waters of Frankfurt, the City of THE Holy Roman Emperors IX. Karlsruhe, the Capital of Baden X. In the Black Forest — Frauenalb and Her renalb XI. By the Waters of Baden-Baden. XII. By the Waters of Alsace — Romantic Strass BURG. XIII. Allerheiligen — the Sleeping Beauty of the Black Forest XIV. The Marvels of Freudenstadt Church XV. Stuttgart, the Capital of Wurttemberg XVI. By the Waters of Nuremberg XVII. How WE Invaded Nuremberg XVIII. Nuremberg Ghosts XIX. Rothenburg, the Taormina of Germany XX. Nuremberg's Cloistered Sister — Rothenburg XXI. The City of the Goethes XXII. Immemorial Mayence... XXIII. The Water of Germany — The Rhine. XXIV. Journeys end in Lovers' Meetings

Author: Norma Octavia Lorimer. 
Publication Date:1914


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