There's adventure in atomic energy - PDF by Julian May

There's an adventure in atomic energy 

There's an adventure in atomic energy
There's adventure in atomic energy

This book will take you on a series of adventures in atomic energy. You'll find out what it's like to be a part of this wonderful new field. By learning a few of the basic principles of the science, and by performing exciting experiments, you should be able to determine whether you'd like a career in atomic energy. Before you do the experiments, you should be aware that atomic energy isn't for carelessness. 

You would not deliberately hold your finger in a flame, or drink a bottle of iodine. These things can be harmful if they are not handled carefully. It is the same with radio-active substances. Radium paint from the dial of a clock should not be allowed to touch your bare skin. It is harmful if breathed, swallowed, or rubbed into an open sore. 

However, if you scrub your hands and tools after performing the experiments, and if you are careful not to spread the paint dust into the air, it will not harm you. 

Any radium paint left over after your experiments can safely be gotten rid of by flushing it down the toilet. Thousands of people work safely with atomic energy every day. You can too. Perform your experiments carefully, and you'll find it very true.
There's Adventure in Atomic Energy.


1 Atom and Geiger 3
2 Radiation is everywhere 14
3 Randy makes an electroscope 23
4 Secrets of the nucleus 32
5 Pieces of atoms 46
6 Randy makes a cloud chamber 57
7 The uranium prospectors 68
8 Bullets for the nucleus 83
9 Neutrons and ping-pong balls 95
10 Atoms in action model reactors 114
11 Boy among the atoms 129
12  Shall I be an atomic scientist? 153
Testing Your Atomic I Q 167
Answers to IQ Test 171
Glossary of Terms 172A

Author: Julian May
publication Date: 1957

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