There's an adventure in atomic energy Free educational Book by Julian May

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an adventure in atomic energy

Randy Morrow, the central character in THERE'S ADVENTURE IN ATOMIC ENERGY, is an average American boy in his early teens. His father is a writer of science books, and step by step he introduces Randy to the mysteries and wonders of the world of the atom. Perhaps the greatest of the new sciences is the development and control of atomic energy. As Randy finds out, here is the fuel to power the industries of the world by the time he has become a man. Here, too, maybe the power that will someday take them to the stars. Randy learns some of the atom's supreme powers by simple experiments that any reader of this book can perform, too.


1 Atoms and Geiger 3 2 Radiation is everywhere 14 3 Randy makes an electroscope 23 4 Secrets of the nucleus 32 5 Pieces of atoms 46 6 Randy makes a cloud chamber 57 7 The uranium prospectors 68 8 Bullets for the nucleus 83 9 Neutrons and ping-pong balls 95 10 Atoms in action model reactors 114 1 1 Boys among the atoms 129 1 2 Shall I be an atomic scientist? 153 Testing Your Atomic I Q 167 Answers to I Q Test 171 Glossary of Terms 172

Author: Julian May
publication Date: 1957

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