The self you have to live with. 1938 Free Self-Help PDF eBook

the self you have to live with

A book of inspiration and beauty! 

Winfred Rhoades brings to the problems of daily life the approach of the modern psychologist who recognizes religion as a powerful aid to successful, courageous living. In these troubled and uncertain times, many people are searching for a more complete and satisfying philosophy There are chapters on "learning how to live"; on "turning unadjusted into adjustment"; on "the art of not worrying": on "relaxation and power." Mr. Rhoades offers, in combining psychology with a true understanding of the meaning of religion, a challenge to all who want to achieve a joyous and well-rounded life

THE SELF YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH is a positive affirmation that each one of us can mold his inner self, the self he has to live with.

Content of the book:
create a self to live with- learning how to live - turning unadjusted into - justment   the art of not worrying  - relaxation and power -it's the soul that needs treatment-   dealing honorably with oneself -  - the task of life 

Author: Winfred Rhoades
Publication Date: 1938

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