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he psychology of relaxation

Content of the book:
Introduction.--The psychology of play.--The psychology of laughter.--The psychology of profanity.--The psychology of alcohol.--The psychology of war.--Conclusion

TO select for psychological treatment, and to bring together in one book such subjects as play, sport, laughter, profanity, alcohol, and war may seem to some capricious — to others, possibly, even sensational. Let me assure the reader that nothing could be farther from my purpose than to make any such appeal to popular favor. I have attempted a prosaic, and, so far as to lay in my power, strictly scientific treatment of these subjects from the psychological and psychogenetic standpoint. These subjects have been chosen, as I have explained in the introductory chapter because they all illustrate one fundamental law, that of relief from the stress and tension which characterize our modem life. The connecting idea which links together these several themes is the catharsis idea, but the catharsis idea itself, as it appears in Aristotle and modem writers, I have found it necessary to subject to a new interpretation.

Book Published: 1916
Author:  George Thomas White Patrick

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