The ethics of the Greek philosophers, (1903) PDF eBook by James Hyslop (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle)

 The ethics of the Greek philosophers

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An excerpt from the author's preface: 
GREEK PHILOSOPHY. Its study a constant charm. Its spontaneity, naturalness, and penetration. Philosophers preceding the age of Socrates, Pythagoras, Thales, Democritus, Anaxagoras, and others, and their influence on Socrates. Their cosmic speculations, moral and religious doctrines. Conceptions of morality, harmony with natural law, similar to views of Herbert Spencer and the Evolutionists,...

1-13 SOCRATES, 430 B.C. His environment, personality, method, doctrines, and influence. Opposition to Skeptics and Sophists. His sagacious assertion of Ignorance and his ingenious and misunderstood doctrine of Knowledge as the basis of Virtue-

A marvelous conversationalist and profound reasoner. A great moral philosopher, opposed to all cosmic speculation or abstract science, putting the stress on practical ethics or the laws of true human conduct for happiness in this natural L e and beatitude in the future supernatural life of the soul. One of the greatest moral and religious teachers of the world, pre-eminent in the teaching of unworldliness and immortality in the Christian sense, 400 B. c. A unique personality mystic, theistic, rationalistic and utilitarian, the father of modern utilitarian theories and of many ancient philosophic sects.

some chapters in the book :

The Supreme God or Creator, and His Creation of the Universe.- Great Antiquity of Egypt, and her early influence on ancient Greece. Tale of " The Lost Atlantis.- The Principle of Universal Beneficent Love. From Plato's Symposium. 88 4. Agathon and Socrates on Love -. Plato and St. Paul. Compared with Agathon in the Symposium, -The Golden Rule. From Plato's Laws, Return not evil for evil.-Socrates' answer to Crito.-Good, not Pleasure- the supreme aim of Conduct.

Book Published: 1903
Author: Hyslop, James H

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